If there’s one thing that Padbury Pharmacy is synonymous with, it’s the Colic Mix by Steven Litas. This product is a labour of love, and something that Steve has been working on over the years.

The Colic Mix was originally developed when Steven’s father, Alex Litas was at the helm of Padbury Pharmacy, a local institution that provided a haven for families in the area if they ever had a question about their family’s health. As Steven began to develop his passion for pharmacy and a specialty in babies, he took over the family pharmacy and made sure to instill the same values and attitudes that his father upheld. Steve evolved his dad’s mix with a slightly different formula in order to improve its effectiveness and ease of administration. And the Colic Mix by Steven Litas was born!

What exactly is The Colic Mix? The Colic Mix is a unique formulation that has been developed by Steven Litas to make the lives of babies, mums and dads easier and stress-free. Steven understands that being a parent is a beautiful thing that’s worth celebrating every day, but day-to-day life can be messy and babies like to cry. Steven developed the Colic Mix as one less reason for babies to cry. The Colic Mix is completely safe for babies who are suffering from the usual colic and reflux like symptoms. Each case is treated and consulted on an individual basis according to the symptoms and circumstances presented.

The Colic Mix is said to be a miracle cure, but what exactly does it do? It helps to relieve colic and reflux-type symptoms, which include long painful crying, bloating, cramping or abdominal spasm, inability to burp and pass wind, vomiting, arching of the back, drawing in of the knees and clenched fists. It eases these symptoms by relieving the tension and spasms that occur in the gut as a result of air ingestion and entrapment.

Just as every baby and case is unique, so is the correct dosage of the Colic Mix for your child. The dose is based on your baby’s weight and initially it is suggested and recommended to be used before feeding, up to four times a day. The long-term aim of the Colic Mix is to gradually decrease frequency as symptoms improve. On average, most theory suggests that symptoms improve significantly after 12 weeks of age.

Symptoms and signs of colic

How do you know if you baby has colic? Whilst there are a few telling signs, but to be sure, drop in store or give us a call!

Crying happens at the same time everyday
Crying seems to happen for no reason (you’ve ruled out the dirty nappy or the hungry tummy)
Baby might pull up legs, or clench fists
Baby will often close eyes or open them very wide, may even hold breath
Eating and sleeping can be disrupted

The Colic Mix by Steven Litas is available to by purchased in store from Padbury Pharmacy or alternatively, it is available to be posted after a consultation by phone or email.