THE COLIC MIX by Steven Litas

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Babies with colic can be a challenge for new parents, with unsettled babies. Colic causes babies to cry for hours on end, and can cause immense amounts of stress for the parents. The Colic Mix is a unique formulation developed by Steven Litas, designed to improve the lives of babies, mums and dads everywhere. Steve is synonymous for his passion for mums and babies, and making the first few months of a baby’s life as smooth and stress-free as possible. The Colic Mix is suitable for most babies who are suffering from the usual colic and reflux-like symptoms. Each colic case is treated and consulted on an individual basis according to the symptoms and circumstances presented.

The Colic Mix helps to relieve colic and reflux-type symptoms, which include long painful crying, bloating, cramping or abdominal spasm, inability to burp and pass wind, vomiting, arching of the back, drawing in of the knees and clenched fists. It eases these symptoms by relieving the tension and spasms that occur in the gut as a result of air ingestion and entrapment. So if you, or someone you know, as a colicky baby, this is the answer to a good night’s sleep for both mum and bub.

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