The Colic Mix by Steven Litas

We asked Pharmacist Steven Litas your most common questions about The Colic Mix. 

Q: What do I do when a mum comes in with a colicky baby

A: The first thing I like to do when a mum comes in with a colicky baby is to reassure them that this is a really common thing, and that there is something that we can do to help, and that we’ll work on a plan together. The most common symptoms of colic that I’d expect to see on a day-to-day basis would be legs pulling up, bloatedness, spasms through the gut, and frequent crying.

Q: Are colic and reflux related?

A: In my opinion, colic and reflux are very closely related. I feel that the origin is the air that’s ingested at the time of feeding, whether its directly from the breast or from the bottle, which is where the colicky symptoms start, which are very much reminiscent of the leg-pulling, the bloatedness, and the tightness through the gut, and they can then transcend through to the reflux-like symptoms, which include occasionally regurging and an uncomfortable burning sensation especially at night time.

 Q: What does the Colic Mix do?

A: The colic mix will help to relax the stomach muscles of the gut, which are in spasms, which will help to promote the smooth release of trapped wind, and at the same time, to neutralise acid levels which are in excess to reduce reflux-like symptoms.

Q: How long it might take to work?

A: Put simply, it works really quickly, really effectively, and can be used for as long as the symptoms present with the idea being to reduce the number of doses per day as the systems gradually improve.

Q: Is the colic mix safe to use?

A: Yes it is, so long as the baby is three kilos and over and the parents have been consulted.

Q: Is the colic mix safe to use with other medications?

A: Yes it is, obviously with a prior consult. Losec, omeprazole and Panadol are perfectly safe to be used with the colic mix.

Q: How is the colic mix administered?

A: The easiest and best method of administration is directly into the baby’s mouth using the syringe just prior to feeding.

Q: Where is the colic mix made?

A: The colic mix is freshly prepared on a daily basis at Padbury Pharmacy. Based on testimonials and positive feedback, the colic mix is a highly successful product. It’s something I truly believe in and something I’m really passionate about. I know that It will be a product that will help many new families in years to come.

Q: What does the colic mix contain?

Each 1ml contains:

Hyoscyamine Sulphate 6.48mcg,

Hyoscine Hydrobromide 0.41mcg,

Magnesium Hydroxide 20mg,

Aluminium Hydroxide 20mg,

Simethicone 2mg,

Hydroxybenzates in purified water (FBC)