About Us

by Steven Litas is more than a product range.

It’s a new way of thinking about how we treat our babies medically. Steven Litas is a pharmacist based in Perth, Western Australia, and is passionate about babies. Steve has been helping mums and dads at his local pharmacy in Padbury with everything to do with their bubs.  He has helped countless parents cure upset tummies or nasty nappy rash with his amazing line of products.

Steve’s formula is suitable for use in most babies suffering from the usual colic and reflux like symptoms. Each case is treated and consulted on an individual basis, according to the symptoms and circumstances presented. It will help to relieve colic and reflux type symptoms which includes long painful crying, bloating, cramping or abdominal spasm, inability to burp and pass wind, vomiting, arching of the back, drawing in of the knees and clenched fists. It eases these symptoms by relieving the tension and spasm that occurs in the gut as a result of air ingestion and entrapment.

The dose is based on your baby’s weight and initially it is suggested and recommended to be used before feeding, up to four times a day. The long-term aim is to gradually decrease frequency as symptoms improve. On average, most theory suggests that symptoms improve significantly after 12 weeks of age.

For more on Steven Litas, visit the Padbury Pharmacy website.